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New Single Baducha OUT NOW

This song was written in a dream that I had just one week after my father's passing. As a child, he had tried to teach me guitar but I was too stubborn to learn. In my dream, he guided me with a melody, and after the second night, I knew it was a message. Every morning at 5am, I would pick up his guitar and try to figure out what he was trying to show me. By the end of the week, I had it and sought the collaboration of some beloved friends to make it a reality during the pandemic. 

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New Single Ven OUT NOW

Ven, meaning “come” in Spanish is a song about desires and wants, A deep dive for lust and love. L'SIGs lyrics show great emotion as the story of a man who lusts for a woman while she plays with his seduction and eventually gets his way with her. 
Topped with some swanky Trumpet by Niall Harvey and acoustic guitar riffs by Alan Ruiz and then mixed and mastered by Djkemo, Canadian DJ and producer from Vancity and member of the iconic Rascalz, as well as the Vanguards. Kemo’s mix is fluid, co-creating a blend of flawless textures that captivate and nourish the soul.

COUTO - BAILADORA Ft. Toto Berriel Official Music Video

COUTO - BAILADORA Ft. Toto Berriel Official Music Video

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Single Release Out Now!!

“Bailadora” Ft. Toto Berriel, is a popular traditional rumba chorus used to improvise and tell stories of current events. COUTO created a piece that brings two cultures together, signifying the importance of African and Cuban cultures.



JUNO NOMINATED for World Music Album of the Year 2021

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